Happy Memorial Day!!

I hope you all are kicking off the summer 2021 season with family, friends, and fun.

After big holidays we all have so many leftovers and always try to create meals from the leftovers. My BBQ chicken baked potato is the perfect meal for using leftover bbq chicken.

Seasoned chicken, stuffed in a fluffy baked potato, with cheese, sour cream, and other toppings make a delicious baked potato. Adding a vegetable and bread will help you make the perfect meal in minutes. This is a recipe you can add to your recipe rolodex for a busy weeknight dinner.


6 large russet potatoes (washed)

Olive Oil

3 cups cooked chicken

2 cups barbecue sauce

Additional Toppings: sour cream, shredded cheese, chopped green onions, chopped fresh chives


Prick each potato all over with a fork. Rub olive oil all over each potato and bake on a baking sheet for 1 hour or until tender on 350.  Allow potatoes to cool a little, then using a paring knife, slice along top of each potato and push in both ends to create a well.  In a dutch oven add chicken and barbecue sauce and allow to sauce to get warm. Stuff cooked chicken with sauce into each potato and top with your favorite toppings.  

Prep Time -15 minutes

Cook Time – 25 minutes

Serves – 6


  1. This stuffed potato reminds me of a lobster 🦞roll; looks awesome. Love the idea. Will definitely be trying it. Maybe will try stuffing the potatoes with different meats and seafoods.

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