Happy Wonderful Wednesday Foodie Family!!

I am getting you ready for Sunday dinner today!! I remember growing up and helping my mom in the kitchen and this pot roast was one of my favorite recipes. I actually loved my mom and granny’s roast. A good beef pot roast paired with collard greens, my corn casserole and macaroni & cheese is the perfect Sunday dinner to me.

It doesn’t get any easier than a fix it and forget it dish. I love how you can sear this roast put it in the crock pot and work on the rest of your meal. I have learned a few other tips over the years to help me create the perfect pot roast recipe for my taste.

The combination of flavors mixed together make this pot roast tender, and full of flavor. It’s the perfect comfort meal.


Beef Pot Roast



Lipton Onion Soup Mix

Ranch Powder

Brown Gravy/Beef Broth


Olive Oil


  1. Heat Olive Oil in a skillet, season roast with seasonings of your choice on both sides. Sear both sides until each side is brown.
  2. After searing on each side add your roast to the crock pot
  3. Add ranch powder, Lipton onion soup mix, and gravy to crock pot
  4. Pour beef broth on top
  5. Cook on slow for 6-8 hours
  6. Add carrots and potatoes when roast is almost done

Happy Cooking!!

Tips: Get creative and add different seasonings, beef paste, Italian dressing or anything that you want to pull out with your flavors

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