Happy Terrific Tuesday!!

I am excited to share this post today! It is dedicated to virtually celebrate my big sister’s birthday! I am a lover of creativity, all things chic, and anything fun!! I had the idea to dedicate my post to her today and then I said well I can dedicate the whole week to different family members birthday’s. I have 3 family members with a birthday this week. I decided to create a signature drink that goes with their personality and a cocktail they would like. I remember clearly making the menu for my sister’s 30th birthday like it was yesterday and that was over 10 years ago. I have always been a lover of a good celebration! I am often ask about my love for celebrating and parties. My answer is I love celebrating and making memories.

I made her a cocktail one day with a lemon sorbet and she loved it! She likes orange sherbet as well and so I thought these two cocktails will be perfect on a hot summer day! So please join me and help me wish my big sister a Happy Birthday!! Cheers Chantel to an amazing new year!!


Fruity Popsicle



  1. Open fruity Popsicle’s and put in a cute wine glass
  2. Top off with Champagne or Any Sparkling Wine


  1. Awww this is such a sweet gesture! Your sister is blessed to have someone like you in her life. Would want to try that out too!

  2. Now you are giving ideas. I have everything and I can’t wait to try to make myself some fruity popsicle and champagne.

  3. I know it’s so shocking for me to say that I’ve never tasted cocktail ever in my life. Your sister is lucky to have you as a sister. I’m going to try your instructions and taste that for the first time. For your sister. Happy birthday to her.

  4. What a lovely idea. I’m gonna try this recipe come summertime here in Australia. We are still on winter. Funny weather too.

  5. Why have I never thought of this?! I had just enough champagne from a bottle I opened a few days ago. This was so good!

  6. What a clever way to craft a quick cocktail. I had champagne chilling and improvised with a couple of scoops of sorbet and it was perfect.

  7. The simplicity of this recipe is what makes it so perfect for entertaining. I don’t even have to think about babysitting my guests or playing bartender!

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