Happy Terrific Tuesday!!

I love good refreshing beverages from mocktails to cocktails. I can remember mixing apple juice and sprite as a little girl because I loved the fizz and bubble. I would always mix different drinks growing up from Tang to Kool-Aid. I even mix my Kool-Aid flavors often with two different flavors.

One my cousins had the perfect Kool-Aid mixture to me and of course I had to learn how to make it just like her. So, today I am sharing the perfect Kool-Aid recipe. It can be used for punches by adding any lemon-lime soda.


2 packages of Kool Aid

2 cups of granulated sugar

1 6 FL oz can of Pineapple Juice



  1. In large 2.2 QT pitcher add your kool-aid
  2. Next add sugar
  3. Pour Pineapple Juice in Pitcher
  4. Add water almost to the top of your pitcher.

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