Hello July!!

This easy 2 ingredient Fruit Dip will have you winning the HWTM award for your next event. I love sharing easy recipes to let my followers know cooking isn’t hard at all. You can actually create amazing recipes with a few ingredients and this recipe is the perfect example.

This homemade Fruit Dip will be perfect for all of your delicious fruit trays and boards this summer.


  • 1 8oz block of cream cheese
  • 7 ounces of marshmallow fluff


  1. Beat cream cheese and marshmallow fluff in a medium size bowl until it is nice and fluffy
  2. Chill and serve with your favorite fruits

Tips: Get creative with your fruit dip and add fresh juice from juice or zest from any citrus fruit. Vanilla or Almond Extract


  1. My daughter and I had so much fun making this dip. Not sure if we had more fun making it or eating it. Either way, we will most certainly use this again. So tasty with strawberries!

  2. I love that this is fast and delicious! Marshmellow fluff is SO fun to work with. How great that this only takes two steps. I’m so ready for this!

  3. I’d forgotten all about marshmallow cream until now! The combination of this and the cream cheese was delicious!

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