Paul Deen’s Not Your Mamas Banana Pudding has been around for years and it is absolutely delicious!! From the first time I tasted it I immediately loved it and wanted to share a recipe on my blog.

I just love the Banana Pudding!!  It is the perfect no bake dessert! It’s rich, creamy, and full of flavor.

I made it for the first time Thanksgiving and it was such a big hit it was requested Friday for another family event. I hope you try it and that your family loves it as much as mine. I have already been nominated for Banana Pudding Duty for Christmas!  I hope you and your family will love it as much as mine!!

Happy Cooking!!! 🍌🍌🍌


  1. 1 large box Jello-O instant vanilla pudding mix
  2. 2 cups of milk
  3. 2 Tablespoons of Vanilla Extract
  4. 2 cans of Condensed milk
  5. 2 bananas
  6. 2 8oz cool whip
  7. 1 box of Nilla wafers
  8. 1 package of Butter Cookies (Shortbread Cookies)


In large bowl mix pudding, milk, condensed milk, and 1 full bowl of cool whip and 1/2 of the second bowl. (Save the other 1/2 for the topping)

In a pan or glass bowl put your cookies on the bottom layer, next slice one banana and put on top of the cookies, pour your pudding mixture on top and continue to layer until your ingredients are gone! Add the remaining cool whip on top and last add your Butter Cookies on top as the picture below.  Enjoy!


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