Happy Hump Day!

We are just a few weeks away from Easter and I have the perfect diy centerpiece for you! I first made this centerpiece a few years ago! I love how cute and easy it is.

So if you are hosting Easter dinner or brunch this diy Peep centerpiece will set the tone for all of your Easter entertaining!! Let’s hop on to the instructions!

Materials Needed

1 large vase

1 small vase for flowers

2-3 different bouquets of flowers

1 bag of Jelly Beans

1 pack of Peeps


Cut the stems on your flowers to fit in the small vase and add water to the vase. Place the small vase inside of the larger vase. Next fill the vase with jelly beans and place the peeps on top of the jelly beans!

Entertaining made easy! 🐣🐰


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